Orange Flower Healing

I am a practitioner of Usui Shiki Ryoho, a specific practice for sharing Reiki, the Japanese concept of “Universal Life Energy.”

“Ki” is the life force that permeates all things. When it is flowing freely we feel simultaneously energized and rested — present to our life. As luck would have it, the business of daily life often depletes Ki, and our “tank” runs low and needs refilling. That’s when we can benefit from the gentle, powerful experience of Reiki.

Reiki can aid healing and assist in relaxation during any stage of life. I have had the honor of sharing Reiki with infants, children, adults, and the elderly. Likewise I have offered Reiki to people who are healthy, to those navigating wellness crises, and to individuals on the threshold of death. Reiki can be of use in all situations, at any time. I find it both mysterious and profoundly practical.

I completed my First Degree training in June 2013 and my Second Degree training in October 2014, both with Reiki Master Shanti Bernard. I am proud to have been trained in the tradition of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, and Takata’s granddaughter, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, the current Lineage Bearer of Usui Shiki Ryoho teaching.

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