Sharing Reiki in a Medical Setting

I was a member of the Northwest Reiki Association while I lived in Portland, Oregon. A thriving organization committed to community service through the practice of Reiki, NWRA coordinates volunteers in a variety of outreach projects.

Just before I moved back to Bloomington, NWRA offered a volunteer training on sharing Reiki in a medical facility, specifically, in the cancer treatment clinics they partner with. People who are receiving chemotherapy can receive Reiki as well, and the program has been so successful it’s been continued for several years. Compass Oncology’s publication Flourish featured an article about offering Reiki as an energetic response to the stress of chemotherapy.

To be clear, I didn’t actually have a chance to volunteer in a clinic — I was just about to move when the training took place, and I consider myself lucky that I was able to attend. But I wanted to take the training because some of my most powerful Reiki experiences have been with people undergoing cancer treatment. I initially started practicing Reiki for my own well being, then stumbled into offering it to people around me who had been diagnosed with cancer. I also found myself offering Reiki to caretakers, individuals who were terribly depleted by anxiety about their loved ones, maxed out on all levels by a stressful situation that felt completely beyond their control.

I noticed how quickly and deeply people responded to the Reiki they received. And I was glad to be of service, to support relaxation and comfort during a challenging time. All I needed was my Reiki hands — amazing.

Now I’m in Bloomington, and I want to offer Reiki to people who are navigating a journey through cancer. Do you know someone who might be be able to help facilitate a local program like the one at Compass Oncology? Contact me. I’m all ears.

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