Reiki, Self-Care, and the Inner Life

Possibly the most important part of anyone’s Reiki practice is self-practice. This means giving oneself a Reiki treatment every day; a full session is ideal, but even 15 minutes of Reiki is beneficial.

Strangely, I’m starting to realize that I am better about my self-practice when I’m busy or stressed out—which is awesome, because self-practice is a healthy choice when life gets crazy. But I’m very curious about why it’s harder for me to stick to this habit of self-care when the weather is fine, relationships are going smoothly, and life is more or less even-keeled. It’s like some sneaky part of my brain decides: “Oh, things are great, why do you need to waste time relaxing, right now? There are important things to do out there!” Whether it’s work or play, there is a lot to attend to. Spring fever makes it even easier to stay busy.

I just listened to a lovely interview with Pico Iyer at On Being (it’s from June, sadly I’m always a little behind on these things). He says:

“… I think we all know our outer lives are only as good as our inner lives, so to neglect our inner lives is to really incapacitate our outer lives; we don’t have so much to give to other people, or the world, or our job, or our kids.”

When things are going smoothly, it’s so tempting to neglect the inner life. But that inner life helps to steer the purpose of the outer life, and if we stop tending to it, all that we do “out there,” even the good stuff, will slowly start to deplete us.

Taking time for Reiki every day—rain and shine—is one way to tend the inner life. If you don’t yet have Reiki hands, I’d be happy to help you find a class. Just shoot me an email.

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