Reiki for Earth’s Climate

earthhThis Friday, April 22, is Earth Day. Interfaith Power and Light is calling for prayers for our sweet planet at 12 noon in each time zone. I’ll be offering Reiki to Earth: healing consciousness for the waters, the land, the skies; the plants, wild and cultivated; the pollinators, birds, and four-leggeds who run wild, live as our companions and provide food; and last but not least, the two-leggeds.

Epic Earth image from NASA.

Susan Brackney’s Honeybee Garden


Yesterday I saw the first honeybees in our yard, working their way around an explosion of dandelions in front of the house. In a round about way, beekeeping brought me to the practice of Reiki, and I never pass up a chance to talk about bees.

Back in February, I had the opportunity to speak with beekeeper and author Susan Brackney, and I wrote our conversation up for Local Food Bloomington.

Many thanks to Susan, for sharing her colorful honeybee garden map….