How much Reiki is the right amount?

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How much Reiki is the right amount? There is no single answer to this question. First, one can never have too much Reiki: dedicated practitioners self-practice daily, knowing daily Reiki practice is the secret to happiness and well-being. Occasionally people find one session is exactly what they need, to nudge them into a different frame of awareness–then they can take it from there. But that is the exception, and so here are my rules-of-thumb for Reiki…

Is one session enough? In my experience, no. However, one session will provide enough information for you to decide if you’d like to work with me. I encourage you to schedule a 90 minute session the first time, so that we have enough time to talk beforehand, and you can still receive a full 60-75 minutes of Reiki. I also schedule a follow up phone call 24 hours post-session, with first-time clients. It often happens that questions don’t arise until one has left the Reiki room, and I’ve found this check-in is helpful for both myself and clients.

I generally suggest four sessions to begin with. If your situation is acute, I recommend four days in a row, if possible. Yes: that is a commitment! Many people choose to schedule two appointments a week over a two week period, or one appointment a week over a month. We can talk about what works for you.

It can be beneficial to schedule weekly, monthly, or seasonal “tune-ups.” Regular appointments assist in maintaining wellness, or for support during major life transitions. I often say: schedule Reiki BEFORE you’re depleted. We typically reach for water only after we’re dehydrated, but we can prevent dehydration! The same is true with Reiki. If you find yourself thinking of Reiki on and off, I suggest it’s a good time to schedule a session–much like you’d check in with a good friend who comes to mind several days in a row.

Reiki practice is not licensed, standardized, or regulated. This is worth noting! Professional practitioners should be certified, but there is currently no standard for that certification. What this means is that ten different practitioners will offer Reiki in ten slightly (or vastly) different ways. I encourage you to ask questions, and to take the time to find a practitioner who feels right for you. Choice is a good thing! Not sure what to ask?

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