Cancer Support

Reiki is safe, gentle, and non-invasive. There are no contraindications for Reiki practice, making it a unique resource for patients as they navigate the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of cancer treatment. Simple, relaxing, and often powerful, Reiki can be restorative at any point in a patient’s journey.

Some hospitals offer Reiki programs, including:

Abramson Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA
Cleveland Clinic, OH
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD
Norton Cancer Institute, Louisville, KY
Portsmouth Regional Hospital, NH
Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven Health, CT

The University of Minnesota’s Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing provides a wealth of information and some research studies on Reiki’s effectiveness.

Reiki Master Pamela Miles has written extensively about Reiki in medicine, and offers down-to-earth information about the benefits of Reiki practice.

The Northwest Reiki Association in Portland, OR collaborates with a local oncology clinic to offer Reiki to patients receiving chemotherapy.