Upcoming Bloomington Classes

First Degree Reiki – A Traditional 4-Day Class
February 10-13, 2022 – Fee $150 per person 
Thursday and Friday evening, 5-8pm
Saturday and Sunday afternoon, 2-5pm
Proof of Current Vaccination and Masking required 
Space is limited to 4 individuals and/or 2 households 
Reiki is a light-touch healing practice that offers: 
– A grounded, body-oriented meditation practice 
– Self-support for caregivers 
– A way to engage more deeply in your healthcare 
– A path of gentle self-discipline & simple self-comfort 
To register, call 812 327 1330 or contact me. Please include “First Degree Reiki” in your subject line. *Please note that proof of vaccination is required to register for this class, and registration is not complete until class fee is paid in full.

Upcoming Charlottesville, Virginia Classes

Another partnership with Hara Studio!
First and Second Degree classes in April 2022.
Interested? Contact me for details.

Reiki Classes
Before taking a class with Orange Flower Healing, I suggest that you schedule at least one Reiki session with me. I believe it’s important for you to experience Reiki as I practice it, to have a sense of my approach. An introductory session offers you an opportunity to ask questions, and gives us time to explore what brings you to Reiki.
Still with me? Great! Reiki is a simple, safe, and supportive practice that can help us navigate our lives with confidence. A commitment to Reiki practice supports our contentment, serenity, and the satisfaction experienced when we go with the flow of our individual nature. Reiki can be astonishing and transformative… with practice. This begins with daily SELF-practice. Once we have taken care of ourselves, we can offer Reiki to our loved ones. Hawayo Takata said: “You are Number One! Then, if you have time, treat your family and your friends; but in Reiki, you first, then other people.” *

Historically, Hawayo Takata taught First Degree Reiki over four days, in short evening classes, after people were done with work. As lifestyles have gotten busier, it’s harder to coax people into this commitment, but I believe that a multi-day class brings Reiki practice more deeply into one’s life. 

* From Reiki: Hawayo Takata’s Story, by Helen J. Haberly

Kind Words about Reiki Classes with Orange Flower Healing
“After taking several sessions with Becky, I decided the next step for me was the first degree class.  I’ll admit I was nervous but also intrigued and ready to go. Every part of the multi-day class was valuable, meaningful, and supportive.  She gave time for questions/discussion but also quiet time to reflect and absorb everything.  There was structure but also personalization and spontaneity, respect for the sacred but also room for humor. It felt universal and applicable, and Holtzman was the perfect teacher for it in every way. She also offers as much or as little guidance/support/practice after the class as needed. The individual sessions themselves were so beneficial, but since taking the class, my relationship with Reiki continues to help illuminate and support the next steps in my life, and I’m forever grateful for Becky’s role in all of it.” A.M.

What can you expect from a Reiki class with Orange Flower Healing?
– Small class sizes.
– 10-12 hours of instruction, spaced over 3-4 days.
– First Degree and Second Degree taught separately.
– Ongoing mentoring, with opportunities for practice.
If you are interested in taking a future Reiki class, contact me to be added to my email list and learn about upcoming classes and other events.

Individual Mentoring
I offer “Reiki Refresher” appointments for folks who have had a Reiki class with another master. My first suggestion, always, is to go back to your original teacher when you are seeking guidance. But sometimes this is not possible, and I’m happy to discuss working together. Contact me for details.