In 2023, I celebrate 10 years of Reiki. Or should I say, Reiki practice, practice, practice? My daily self-practice is, hands down (pun intended), the most important element of my experience. I offer on-going mentoring for interested students, including in-person practice circles, and Zoom-based “Self-practice, Together” opportunities.

I teach classes primarily in Bloomington, Indiana and also in the Crozet-Charlottesville area in Virginia, in partnership with Hara Studio. I also offer occasional Zoom presentations, and host guest teachers in person and on Zoom. For the latest news, sign up for my bi-monthly-or-so newsletter.

What can you expect from a Reiki class with Orange Flower Healing?
– Small class sizes ~ 2-6 people, typically.
– 10-12 hours of instruction, spaced over 3-4 days.
– First Degree and Second Degree taught separately.
– Ongoing mentoring, with opportunities for practice.

Contact me for more information, to register for a class, or to sign up for my email newsletter. Or call 812 327 1330.

Bringing Reiki into Cancer Support and Medical Settings

Presentation + Small Group Conversation
Thursday, April 20, 6-7:30 pm Eastern, on Zoom
Fee: $50 / $40 for Orange Flower Healing students
Space is limited to 10 participants.
Contact me to register, with “Cancer Support” in the comment box.

People are often amazed when they learn that I have a paid position providing Reiki services at a cancer support center. “How did you get THAT job?” The question implies a hard truth: it can be challenging for Reiki folks to be taken seriously–and practitioners often don’t do themselves any favors. Reiki can bring so much benefit to our life, and into our communities, but WE bring benefit to Reiki practice when we offer it with sensitivity and wisdom. When practitioners seek out (or better yet, receive) opportunities to practice in the public eye, a professional approach is critical. In this presentation, I will:

  • Map out the step-by-step logistics of how I set up my professional practice ~ and why I made the choices I did
  • Trace the timeline and lineage of my Reiki training, relevant continuing education, and other useful work experience/skills
  • Share the difficulties that I have encountered, how I dealt with them, and things to watch out for
  • Offer observations on what is NOT helpful in cultivating a professional practice and community relationships
  • Suggest some approaches to finding your personal Reiki path, and sticking to it (HINT: It will not be like my Reiki path!!)

**Space is limited to 10 participants; this session will not be recorded. Zoom link sent after participant has paid registration fee. Contact me to register, with “Cancer Support” in the comment box.

Upcoming First Degree Reiki Classes

Nothing scheduled at this time… Contact me if you’re interested, include “First Degree Reiki” in the comment box.

Second Degree Reiki classes

Second Degree classes are planned when a First Degree student has demonstrated a dedicated commitment to their daily practice, and has expressed the desire to progress in their practice. This “dedicated commitment” can vary depending on the student, but generally takes 12-18 months of First Degree practice. Suggested guidelines are provided at the end of the First Degree training.

Have you already taken First Degree with another teacher? If you are interested in taking Second Degree with Orange Flower Healing, I’m happy to talk with you about joining my next class. Contact me with “Second Degree Reiki” in the comment box. 

More About Reiki Classes with Orange Flower Healing

Reiki is a simple, safe, and supportive practice that can help us navigate our lives with confidence. A commitment to Reiki practice supports our contentment, serenity, and the satisfaction experienced when we go with the flow of our individual nature. Reiki can be astonishing and transformative… with practice. This begins with daily SELF-practice. Once we have taken care of ourselves, we can offer Reiki to our loved ones. Hawayo Takata said: “You are Number One! Then, if you have time, treat your family and your friends; but in Reiki, you first, then other people.” (From Reiki: Hawayo Takata’s Story, by Helen J. Haberly.)

Hawayo Takata traditionally taught First Degree Reiki over four days, in short evening classes. This may seem like a big commitment, but in my experience a multi-day class brings Reiki practice more deeply into one’s life, and lays the groundwork for daily self-practice: the heart of Reiki.

Kind Words
“After taking several sessions with Becky, I decided the next step for me was the first degree class.  I’ll admit I was nervous but also intrigued and ready to go. Every part of the multi-day class was valuable, meaningful, and supportive.  She gave time for questions/discussion but also quiet time to reflect and absorb everything.  There was structure but also personalization and spontaneity, respect for the sacred but also room for humor. It felt universal and applicable, and Holtzman was the perfect teacher for it in every way. She also offers as much or as little guidance/support/practice after the class as needed. The individual sessions themselves were so beneficial, but since taking the class, my relationship with Reiki continues to help illuminate and support the next steps in my life, and I’m forever grateful for Becky’s role in all of it.” ~ A.M.

Individual Mentoring
I offer “Reiki Refresher” appointments for folks who have had a Reiki class with another master/teacher. My first suggestion, always, is to go back to your original teacher when you are seeking guidance. But sometimes this is not possible; when that’s the case, I’m happy to discuss scheduling an appointment with you. Contact me for details.