Kind Words

I have offered Reiki practice to hundreds of people since I first learned to practice in 2013. This is what a few folks have shared about their experiences of Reiki with me. You can see additional comments on my work in cancer support, and about Reiki classes with Orange Flower Healing, at the About page.

“Recent experience has really confirmed the value of Reiki before any kind of medical procedure; I’m also more aware of the impact any medical procedure has on me personally, so I’m planning time off to absorb, rest and recuperate.”

– R.N.

“There comes a time when all the cosmic tumblers have clicked into place – and the universe opens itself up for a few seconds to show you what’s possible.” (Field of Dreams). That’s what my time with Reiki and Becky Holtzman have felt like, repeatedly. I had a very general idea of what Reiki was when I first contacted her but not much else. I had physical pains that I didn’t understand and couldn’t get rid of. I had been prescribed pills to provide that relief but I wanted to explore other options. Reiki fell into my lap and opened up my life to a journey that I’m still on today. It was subtle at first but eventually became a profound life changer, one of many catalytic, cosmic tumblers. Becky’s professionalism, wisdom, and guidance in and around Reiki were spot on, allowing a path of healing and wisdom to reveal itself so that I could take my own independent steps on that path. Reiki not only helped me with my pain but permeated into other areas of my life as well—personally, professionally, unexpectedly, and very much welcome.  I discovered so many valuable aspects to Reiki that continue to enhance so much of my life.  Would recommend (if you dare).”

– A.M.

“I have been receiving Reiki from Becky for just over a year. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and have been having difficulty with treatment by conventional methods–I’m very reactive to oral medications. As I result I had developed a very negative attitude towards the disease and its treatment. I recently realized that this attitude is counter-productive and sought an attitude change during one of our sessions. Just a few minutes into our session it came to my mind that I needed to treat this disease not as something to be conquered or defeated, but to treat it as I would a broken limb, giving time to heal, trusting that the prescribed medical treatment will be effective and supported by Reiki.”

– V.O.

“I had never heard of Reiki, I had no idea what it was. While I was receiving chemo and radiation treatments for lung cancer that changed. I was offered a few free sessions of an ‘alternative therapy’ that was thought to help some patients during their ordeal… I have met and been helped by numerous caregivers while dealing with my disease and treatments. So many kind and dedicated people committed to easing my way. I see Becky in a different light. She is an angel with a gift for healing and caring. I feel blessed that she appeared in my life at such an apropos time. Reiki is a vital element in my ongoing healthcare treatments and therapies, and I am grateful that my care rests in Becky’s hands.”

– G.H.

“Reiki treatments helped me through six weeks of radiation for breast cancer.  I was amazed that the energy and warmth coming through another person’s hands could be so powerful in relieving anxiety.  Radiation is behind me but I’m continuing with Reiki on a regular basis to relieve the anxiety that comes with daily life. The peaceful hour that it gives me is an escape from the noise and chaos that we live in and does so much to calm my body, mind and soul.”

– M.E.

“I first met Becky Holtzman of Orange Flower Healing in 2017 when she offered, even though we had never met, to accompany me to my first chemotherapy treatment. I was so moved by her compassion and quiet demeanor. When the nurse began explaining the various drugs I would get, Becky quietly laid her hand on my arm even as I began to cry from feeling overwhelmed by all the new frightening information I was receiving. Over the course of 8 months of chemotherapy and radiation, I found amazing solace and strength through regular Reiki treatments. I cannot really explain scientifically the biological effects of Reiki but I do know that my personal experience with Reiki had a profound effect on my psyche, my attitude, and my ability to tolerate the significant detrimental effects of the drugs on my body. It seemed to me that Reiki was not unlike the ancient tradition of many religious faiths — that of “the laying on of hands.” I cannot speak highly enough of Becky’s expertise and professionalism. I remain ever grateful for all her support during a frightening and extremely challenging time in my life.”

– A.T.

“I was fortunate enough to have a session with Becky, thick into my third trimester. The moment she laid her hands on me, I felt a restfulness in my body, and the baby, normally active at that time in the evening, immediately nestled into a comfortable position. I discovered places in my body that I had been neglecting, and that need my attention to stay healthy. I felt warmth pulsing through my body, my nerves alive while my mind found peace. I am so grateful for Becky’s willingness to share Reiki and her unique gifts.”

– R.M.

“I had a severe back sprain due to disc compression that had me mostly confined to my home for a couple of months. I was very limited in mobility, strength, and was in that full-body back pain that, while not excruciating, is all-encompassing . Becky visited several times for Reiki. Her kind and calm presence alone was a relief during a time of great frustration, fear and anxiety. I was afraid to have too much touch and manipulation, and the Reiki sessions were so non-invasive I was able to relax during them. Afterwards I felt a notable change in pain level, mobility. More important, I felt less fearful and anxious and more hopeful about my progress. It’s as if I got a larger perspective on the current crisis. I strongly believe that my mental/emotional state was directly connected to that pain level, which improved after receiving Reiki.”

– P.M.

“When I found myself in a difficult emotional passageway Becky offered Reiki practice to me, and I accepted. I did not know what to expect or what I might experience. What I found with her was a sort of loving, assisted meditation, in which I focused on my stressed body and psyche with my own breath, and felt strong physical sensations moving in my body, loosening physical tension … Sometimes beautiful imagery came into my mind. But most fundamentally, a bodily understanding of shared vitality and loving kindness. If you are interested in working with this kind of path I feel that Becky is a genuine guide and partner.”

– J.G.

“Our son was diagnosed with a rare disease shortly after birth. We decided to enhance his medical treatments with regular Reiki sessions over an eight month period to help regulate his sleep cycles and mitigate the side effects of his invasive medical treatments. Becky was wonderful! She provided sessions tailored to our son’s individual needs, and really helped support my husband and I during a very difficult time. We saw such a big change in our son’s energy when he received Reiki – he was more relaxed and seemed much more comfortable. Our son has made a huge recovery in his health and we believe Becky’s Reiki practice was a big part of his successful care. Thank you Becky!”

– J.T.