Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatments are received fully clothed, covered by a light blanket and supported by pillows. The practitioner’s hands are placed on your head, torso and back, for 3-5 minutes at each position, following a treatment protocol specific to Usui Shiki Ryoho. Extra attention can be provided for specific concerns.

A full Reiki treatment takes about 90 minutes, with 60 minutes of Reiki and about 30 minutes reserved for conversation prior to and following the session.

Four sessions are recommended when you first receive Reiki, preferably four days in a row. You can’t receive too much Reiki! After the initial series, it can be beneficial to schedule weekly, monthly, or seasonal “tune-ups” to assist in maintaining wellness.


Orange Flower Healing offers discounted rates to Bloomingfoods Coop members.

Orange Flower Healing accepts payments in cash, credit/debit cards, and by check. GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE.

You can read Reiki stories submitted by some of my clients on my Kind Words page.

If Reiki sounds like a path you’d like explore, contact me about scheduling an appointment. Please note that rates are subject to change, and the following disclaimer applies to both hands-on and distant sessions:

Disclaimer: Becky does not medically diagnose or prescribe treatment. Do not discontinue any medical or psychological treatment you may be receiving. Becky is happy to work in conjunction with your current physician and healing team, and recommends telling your health care providers that you receive Reiki.