Reiki Sessions

Please read my Covid-19 protocols, updated September 1, 2020.

Reiki treatments are received fully clothed, covered by a light blanket and supported by pillows. The practitioner’s hands are placed on your head, torso and back, for 3-5 minutes at each position, following a treatment protocol specific to Usui Shiki Ryoho. Extra attention can be provided for specific concerns.

60 and 90-minute sessions are available. For more information, including fees, visit the schedule page and then call 812 327 1330 to make an appointment.

Orange Flower Healing accepts payments in cash, credit cards, check, and PayPal.

Is one session enough? In my experience, no. However, one session will provide enough information for you to decide if you’d like to work with me. I encourage you to schedule a 90 minute session the first time, so that we have enough time a talk beforehand, and you can still receive a full 60-75 minutes of Reiki.

If you would like to continue, I generally suggest four sessions to begin with. If your situation is acute, I recommend four days in a row, if possible. Yes: that is a commitment! Many people choose to schedule two appointments a week over two weeks, or one appointment a week over a month. We can talk about works for you.

After the initial series, it can be beneficial to schedule weekly, monthly, or seasonal “tune-ups” to assist in maintaining wellness, or for support during major life transitions. I tell people: schedule Reiki BEFORE you’re depleted. We often reach for water only after we’re dehydrated; but we can prevent dehydration! The same is true with Reiki.

Worth noting. Reiki practice is not licensed, standardized, or regulated. Practitioners should be certified, but there is no standard for that certification. What this means is that ten different practitioners will offer Reiki in ten slightly (or vastly!) different ways. I encourage you to ask questions, and to take the time to find a practitioner who feels right for you. Choice is a good thing! Not sure what to ask?

Community Partner Discounts. Orange Flower Healing offers a one-time 20% discount to Bloomingfoods Coop members. Please contact me directly to schedule with this discount.

Please note the following disclaimer applies to all Reiki sessions:

Disclaimer: Becky does not medically diagnose or prescribe treatment. Do not discontinue any medical or psychological treatment you may be receiving. Becky is happy to work in conjunction with your current physician and healing team, and recommends telling your health care providers that you receive Reiki.